For Homeowners

Whether you are tired of replacing shingles every 10 years or building a new house and are looking for best available roofing - you're at the right place! With steel roofing you will never have to worry about what the weather has to offer! There's large selection of colors too!

Check out our page about steel roofs if you have any questions.

We work with many subcontractors all over michigan, and if you have a preffered contractor (for example, one that is building your new house), we will work with them too! Have your contractor contact us and read our contractor's page. If not, we will find one who will do the job for you.

Prices for our high quality steel roofs start at $550 per square (1 square = 10'x10') and depend on complexity of your roof. Yes, it is about 3 times more expensive than asphalt shingles, but steel is at least 5 times more durable too - steel roofs often last the lifetime of the structure and are maintenance free.

If you yourself know how to hold a hammer and how to climb a ladder - you can save at least 50% by installing the roof yourself! You can purchase our contractor package starting at $250 per square and have all materials and some specialty tools delivered right to your house. We will help you to get started, and offer to hire experienced workers on an hourly basis.

Please call us at 1(989)345-2495 for more information or for a free estimate!


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