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There are many benefits to steel roofs. In fact, their higher price is the only reason asphalt shingles are popular. But with higher price comes much higher quality that pays for itself! Riegle Exteriors is specializing in supplying steel roofs to contractors. We mainly use 24 gauge galvalume steel which offers best strength and durability for residential and commercial roofs. There is a large selection of colors, and custom colors may be available on sufficiently large orders. Our deal is hard to beat - we will supply everything you need:

  • 1" or 1.75" (17" or 21" wide) standing seam roofing panels, manufactured and cut to required length right at the job site. We use Zimmerman rollerformer machine mounted on a trailer, and are able to produce panels anywhere in michigan. panel length can be over 50 feet if needed, however most buildings will nto require panels that are more than 20'.
  • Titanium synthetic roofing underlayment - it will keep the building waterproof for the time of the construction, and is designed to withstand rains, snow, winds and sun for 6 months. It also dramatically increases safety at the jobsite - you can walk on the roofs up to 10/12 pitch, and with lower pitches it is possible to walk on wet or snow-covered surface relatively safe.
  • Clips specifically designed to attach the panels to the roof without penetrating it. Place a clip every 4 feet and secure it into the roof with screws, which are also provided. This picture shows underlayment, panels and a how are clips attached and covered:

  • All other metal trim - eave drops, ridge caps, valley pans, and custom made trim are also included!
  • We also will provide you with specialty tools needed, however due to limited number, they may not be available at all times.

Prices start at $250 per square, which is lower than other suppliers would charge you for just the panels of comparable quality! However please contact us to get an exact quote. Providing a drawing of the roof with all nevessary measurements will help us to order the correct amount of steel and avoid delays.


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