About Steel Roofing

There are two main roof materials that can be used on residential and commercial roofs (excluding flat roofs) - steel and asphalt shingles.

For those on small budget asphalt shingles - the most popular roofing material in US - would be the right choice. Yet the cheapest option is almost never the best. Average shingle roofs last about a decade, especially on more complex roofs. After that - expect leaks, and water damage to the inside of your house.

Our alternative is steel - durable material which is processes using advanced technology to resist corrosion and maintain a permanent color. We mainly offer 24 gauge galvanized steel, with large selection of colors - check out our steel supplier's website.

Our steel roofing is:

  • lightweight - 2-3 times lighter than shingles
  • fire and mold resistant
  • environmentally friendly - made partially from recycled steel, and completely recyclable! (shingles are harder to recycle and you have to pay to recycle them)
  • Wind resistant - up to 150 mph winds!
  • Reflective - you'll experience lower utility bills in the summer!
  • Strong and smooth - reduces the possibility collapse of your roof after a heavy snowfall - most of the snow will slide right off the roof! And since all panels are interconnected, steel roofs increase structural strength of the building. (If you are worried about snow falling in front of the entrances, snow guards and snow fences are available, made from the same material as your roof!)
  • And of course - waterproof. When the roof is installed correctly, it is impossible for the water to get inside. All fasteners are hidden, and all trim overlaps. Panels are manufactured right at the job site and cut to the correct length so there's no need to overlap panels.

For questions read about how we install the roofs, and check Frequently Asked Questions


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